How to Increase Domain Authority From 0 to 20 within 3 Months [Live Proof]

According to me, Domain Authority Plays an Important role when it comes to Rank Your Site on Search Engines such as Google, Bing, yahoo etc. 

If you have Higher Domain Authority then your article will index within second and you too observed this.    

If you are looking for Example then Just Search Short tail Keyword and go through the top 5 Searches, there you will see all the sites have higher authority.

Here is the Example; These Two Websites are Just close to each other but has Higher DA then MOZ and You will see the result.

domain authority example
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But this actually not happen in all the niches. Some time lower Domain Authority bets higher Authority Website due to some factors that I will also discuss in this article.

I think this is the best Example; Further, I will discuss why this happens.

niche relevancy
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What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz

According to Moz the website with high Domain Authority easily beats the website with low Domain Authority.

This score varies from 0 to 100 [Higher is the Better]

Don’t compare it with Google Pagerank because both have different aspects & now PageRank officially not exist anymore.

Why is Domain Authority Important?

Google denied Domain Authority but according to Moz its a search engine ranking score & still exist.

Have a look at this Graph telling about Google Ranking factors where Domain Authority Covers 20% of it.

google ranking factor
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So today I am going to explain my proven method to Boost DA of any Blog/Website within 3 Months. 

Note – This is a blueprint experimented by me so follow it seriously & after 3 Month contact me if your DA will not increase up to 20 on Moz.

Table of Contents

Before creating backlinks from any source first check domain authority of that website.

To check domain authority of any website, First Create an account on Which is very Simple.

Now Follow Few Simple Steps to Check DA & PA of a Website by Moz


Step 1 – Create Your Account

Step 2 – Visit

moz pro
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Step 3 – Scroll Down & Go to Research Tools.

Moz Research Tools
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Step 4 – Put your Website/Blog URL in Analyze your links section

Step 5 – Click On Anylize URL Button

Step 6 – Now You can see DA (Domain Authority) along with Linking Domains, Inbound Links, Ranking Keywords & many more.

Amazon Domain Authority on Moz
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Quality Backlink From Amazon Website

Step 1 – Create an Account on

Step 2 – Click On Your name ending with Amazon

name ending with Amazon
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Step 3 – Go to Your Profile Option

My Profile
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Step 4 – Now You need to Upload a Photo, I already Uploaded

Step 5 – Click on Edit Your Public Profile Option

Amazon Profile Option
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Step 6 – Fill the Complete details along With All social media

Put your website url
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Step 7 – Put Your Website Homepage URL

Step 8 – Now Save it.

Your Hight Quality no-follow link is ready

If You Want to See Your Link then Click on View Public Profile Option and Visit Your Homepage link.

view profile link
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If you have doubt about the link is dofollow or nofollow then simply right-click the link and click “inspect” Option.

inspect element
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Now You can see your link with (rel=”nofollow noopener”) Which means the link is nofollow.

nofollow link
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So I hope You also get high-Quality Nofollow Links from Amazon Website. If you are getting problem then must Comment below

How to create Backlinks from Wikipedia

Links from Wikipedia Increase Domain Authority & also you get bulk Traffic.

It will Gives you high-quality nofollow backlinks if you follow a few steps.

All the steps are important if you miss any one of them then You never get wiki backlinks or even you get then the Admin will remove that link after some time.

First of You need a Wikipedia Account & its simple to create Just Visit on and Create Your Wiki Account.

Create Your Wikipedia Account
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You need one tool called wikigrabber which helps you to find the broken or dead links published on Wikipedia.

Now Follow the Steps below ; 

Step 1: Open the wikigrabber  

Step 2: Type your Keyword; Here I am typing “Domain Authority

Checking for domain authority keyword in wikigrabber
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Step 3: Click on Start Searching Option

Step 4: Now You are able to see all the Result; Here in my case I got 20 results

wiki List
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Step 5: We need Only Dead Wiki links, so Select Deal Links

dead links
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Step 6: Now You have to find the Wikipedia; Here I fid two 

Step 7: Click on Wikipedia Link

wikipedia links
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Step 8: Before you proceed the above step make Sure Your have Wikipedia Account.

Step 9: Now You are on Wikipedia 

Step 10: Now press [CTRL + F] in your Keyboard and Search Dead Link

finding dead link in wikipedia
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Step 11: Have a look at the Deadlink number; here is 8 as shown.

Step 12: Click on Edit Source Option.

Click on Edit Source Option
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Step 13: Search “Dead Link”

search for dead link
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Step 14:  Replace Your Own URL with the dead link.

Step 15: Save it.

Bingo, Your High-Quality backlink is ready.

High-Quality Backlink List


5 thoughts on “How to Increase Domain Authority From 0 to 20 within 3 Months [Live Proof]”

  1. Hey , Mukesh Thanks for this In-depth article on Increasing Domain Authority , I must follow it and Built all the required backlinks as suggested.

  2. Thanks Mukesh ;

    I follow the same as mention on your Blog Post and now i am getting the result , ok initally my website dA was 12 and now after aprox 20 days it’s 15 .

    Keep updating us regarding the latest trends related to blogging and seo.



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